Paintless Dent Removal

A New Repair Technique Innovation

At Top Coat Auto, we have a new car repair method and we call it the PDR or Paintless Dent Repair method that involves the removal of dents, dings and minor hail damage from car panels to present a spotless surface. There‚Äôs nothing more annoying than having many small dents and other damages dotted all over your car especially after a very strong hail storm.  But our expert technicians are highly skilled in this new innovation and use efficient hand tools to renovate all the damaged panels of your vehicle.

No change to original surface

When using our PDR method, the original paint finish of your car is not defaced or damaged in any way. Though the method is limited only to small dents, more serious damage caused by strong hail storms, bigger dents, bodyline damage, large creases and protruding dents are renovated using more highly efficient repair methods. It is an efficient and rapid method of repairing damage to car panels with work completed within only a few minutes or hours of starting. It is more efficient than the standard process of filing, sanding and repainting car panels which can take weeks.

A fast and environment friendly technique

These days, everyone is environment conscious, meaning that people are now thinking more about the welfare of the environment than merely placing their intent on profiteering alone. Many manufactures have heeded the call to introduce methods that will not harm the environment and PDR is one of them. It effectively counteracts pollution by offering environmental friendly alternatives. Our PDR technique uses no harmful chemicals in the process of renovating the small damages done to your car, making it one of the most environmentally friendly methods around Sydney.

Highly skilled technicians

The technicians that Spray Painting Sydney engage are true professional who thoroughly know every facet of car repair work. They are never hesitant or unprofessional but embark on a job with true professionalism and commitment. Their leaders are often men of renowned technical skills who have been working on the repair of cars for many years and are totally competent in dealing with many different types of car damage. They are experts on PDR work, panel beating, spray painting, audio electronic systems, air conditioning and many more. They are so thoroughly professional it is difficult for anyone not to trust them and if you are one of them, taking the next logical step is real easy.