Mobile Bumper Repairs

We come to your home, office or worksite and all we need is a space to do it and access to power. Most repairs are less than or equal to insurance excesses.You wont lose your no claim bonus and your insurance premiums will not rise. All our work is guaranteed and fully insured.

We also repair minor panel damage such as wheel arches and other areas that are not worth sending to a panel beater. 

The First Line of Contact

Pumpers on a car have been deliberately positioned where they are to act as buffers against impact. In many cases they are the first parts of the car that come into contact with other objects. Despite being very careful, there’s no guarantee that you won’t collide against something or vice versa. This means that collisions are inevitable and to overcome their impacts, Paint Spraying Sydney is ever at the ready to mend, smooth and paint your car bumper to its original shine and sparkle.

An unsightly view to look upon

There’s a very good chance that while driving seriously and carefully to work in the city or driving casually in the countryside, you will encounter an accident of some sort that will cause damage to your bumper. The bumper of your car can show the effect of even the smallest encounter with something, be it a tiny stone or pebble or tree branch which can disfigure or discolour its surface. A bump even at a low speed of 15 mph, can result in a gaping hole to your bumper but you needn’t worry for at Paint Spraying Sydney, we can fix your problem in no time at all on the spot.

It can cause embarrassment

Just think for a moment what a gaping hole in your bumper will do to you. Even when the accident happened you were already under stress and worry because your valued asset has been damaged and disfigured. It looks bad and what makes it worse is that your work colleagues or even your neighbours are going to pass comments that can hardly be complimentary. You come under undue attention and your car suffers ridicule from onlookers just because some drunken driver smashed into your rear bumper. What can you do? Obviously you need help and we at Spray Painting Sydney can provide it.

What we can do

We are not amateurs but seasoned veterans of renovating and returning damaged vehicles to their original spic and span. We know everything there is to know about mending and painting the specks, dents, paint scratches and unsightly gaping holes in your bumper or elsewhere on your car. We know the trade and are true professionals when it comes to giving your bumper a facelift.  Trust us, we know and if you agree the next step is easy.

Contact us

Ring us or email us and our expert repair crew will be on its way to help mend your bumper right on the spot with our mobile bumper repair technique.