Chips & Scratches

We will eliminate those unsightly blemishes, by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the original paintwork.

The Minute Offenders

The overall effect of a whole collection of small chips and scratches on the paintwork of your car can be very irritating and annoying to say the least. On a comparative basis, it becomes annoying when you see your neighbours driving along in their posh looking cars while yours is infested with small stone chips and scratches from neglect. It’s time you took action and at Spray Painting Sydney we are always ready and willing to put your car back in top shape.

How and where car damage occurs

Let’s face it, the incidence of scratches, chips and other damages to your car are mostly unavoidable. For a good percentage of the time, your car is out of your personal sight and it is impossible to know how the damages occur. There are certain common denominators that relate to car body damage. They can take place while your vehicle is in the car park where practically anything can happen, like a wrongly stone or golf ball that missed their intended mark and hit your car instead; the bunch of keys that you take with you may scratch paint, a runaway trolley at the supermarket may dent your car, and even children can cause damage. When these mishaps happen call on us for speedy repairs.

When you can attempt a DIY dare.

It is indeed fortunate that scratches, chips and other small imperfections, no matter how they are caused, can be remedied fairly easily. A carefully done repair job can almost be invisible to the naked eye, but other damages may not be so easy to mend or effectively hide. The small nicks, scratches and minute imperfections can easily be retouched but before you take out your tool kit, you should inspect the damages and determine how bad they are. If your inspections show a thin and white scratch, it is a sure signal that the damage has not reached the clear coat and you can fix the problem yourself if you have basic skills in repair work. If you haven’t, contact us.

Masking of a bumper respray

Damage that needs expert attention

Sometimes when you inspect your vehicle, you will notice that the scratch mark has a similar colour as car’s body or the colour of metal. These tell you that the damage is serious and is beyond your skills. This is where you should seek the advice of an expert car repair provider. Doing the job yourself entails certain risks mainly because you do not possess the needed skills or the proper equipment for doing the job. It may also turn out to be much more costly because you are using the wrong method. If you are unsure of carrying out the repair work yourself, have faith and do what you should do next.

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