Car Spray Painting in Sydney

We understand how precious your lovely car can be to you. A slight dint or scratch can be devastating.

And then you start thinking about all the time needed and how expensive it would be to fix it right? Don’t.

Our team at Top Coat Auto Touch Up specialises in affordable, quick, quality touch up and repairs, leaving your car looking like how it was at the comfort of your own home.

What issue do you want to deal with today?

An Intrepid Spray Painting Business
In Sydney you won’t find a better and more efficient spray painting company than Spray Painting Sydney. It is the newest, most efficient and intrepid company around town. We are the best and we know how to go about doing our job for our clients. You’d be surprised at the kind of jobs we tackle performing them with gusto and confidence. Our customers like the way we operate and satisfy their needs.
We are the ultimate in versatility!
One of our most prominent hallmarks is our aggressive versatility like when you’ve damaged your new bumper and you fell miserable. We will coax you not to just sit there and bite your nails because we can fix both minor and major bumper damage that includes cracks, tears, holes, scuffs and dents. We are always fair dinkum in our work doing the job honestly and efficiently with no tricks and schemes. We will search out the tinniest damage and fix it for you. Our versatility knows no bounds.

Spick and span buff and polish

We don’t beat around the bush nor do we dilly dally on the job. We will immediately go to work to make your car look new with our clear coat restoration method. Making sure every vehicle can benefit from our superior repair work is our goal. If oxidization, small scratches and swirling marks overtakes your paintwork, we can sure help by rejuvenating faded or sombre paintwork keeping your vehicle in top pristine shape. We provide the highest level of service available today. Nothing compares with our buff and polish techniques.

Want to know more about who we are?
We search out chips and scratches and repair them are our favourite targets are our unsightly and annoying blemishes which we eliminate with pleasure and match the damaged parts to the original paintwork of your car. The scratches made from keys, trolleys and children are minimised to they can hardly be seen. To top off our exceedingly efficient repair work, we can match over 50,000 vehicle colours so we have the smallest chance of missing out on a repair job.

What else do we perform?
We can repair your alloy wheel, repair your alloy wheels, your headlights, add sensors for safety parking and enhance the appearance of your car. We do a myriad other jobs it’s impossible to list them down here individually, but you are welcome to visit us and you can do it simply by doing the simplest of tasks below. Looking for cheap tyres for your car? Contact our partner – Cheap Tyres & Wheels

Call us now on 0414 808 843 and whatever has happened to your vehicle will disappear into thin air and replaced by a shimmering and classy looking vehicle you’ve never seen before.