Buff & Polish

Our technicians are fully trained in the use of the equipment, and use the steps outlined below to ensure that your vehicles paintwork is brought back to its original condition.

The Shimmering Posh Look

Absolutely no one with an aesthetic taste and a longing for a clean looking and polished classy vehicle will venture out on the road in an old, dilapidated and unclean vehicle. And at Spray Painting Sydney we couldn’t agree more. There is definitely that fantastic feeling in driving a shimmering and posh looking car on the road. You know that people will have their eyes on you and your car as you pass by. But you must want to drive such a car, no just dream about it and we can make your longing come true.

That totally restored appearance

Any car model on the road these days looks absolutely fabulous with their sleek, streamlined and shining bodies gleaming in the sun as they drive along the highways and freeways. Our task at Spray Painting Sydney is to keep them looking that way all the time. It is a task that we cherish because we are exceptionally good at keeping vehicles in top notch condition. Cars with dents, deep scratches and annoying blemishes are totally restored. If it is the dull and fading paintwork we will restore it and if it’s a matter of maintaining its gloss and sheen, we will also take care of it. No matter what the job is, we will fix it for you.

Being overlooked hurts

Despite our excellent deliveries of restored vehicles in record time and at very affordable rates, there are still people who are continuously doubtful of our abilities. This type of attitude really hurts especially when we try our utmost in pleasing our customers by returning their cars in as good or even better condition than before.  Truly, some people are hard to please, but we never falter and we meet the current head on, knowing that we will win in the end with our excellent workmanship. Owners of cars that we renovate always drive off with a glint of satisfaction in their eyes.

The best vehicle restorer in the country

Listen, no matter what you want us to do, our experts are up to the task with years of experience and know how under their belt. A continuous, stream of vehicles enter our garage with their worried and concerned owners asking us to fix their problem. And we do so quickly and efficiently as is our customary way of doing our work and watch them drive off with a gleeful and satisfied look. We offer the best service for our customers and keep our customers happy and contented. We can do the same for you and if you want our service, the next step is very easy to do.


  1. Deep cleanse exterior of paint work
  2. A clay bar is used to remove any traces of industrial fallout
  3. Use an electrical buffing machine and gentle polishing compounds to buff exterior of car removing most surface scratches,
    blemishes and dulling effects from acid rain and sun damage. Also removes all swirl marks
  4. Repeat stage 3 with a  buffing head of soft sponge on the buffing machine and ultra fine polish, removes any hologram effects
  5. Wax and polish exterior of car and buff to a high gloss finish
  6. All Exterior rubber, material and plastic trim are cleaned and conditioned
  7. Clean alloy wheels, windows and tyres