Alloy Wheel Repair

We specialize in repairs, to all alloy wheels, regardless of make and model. We can bring them back to life, so they look just as they did the day they rolled off the production line – in some cases, even better than that! Our service is mobile, low cost and can operate on your door step. Our alloy wheel repair and refurbishment service Wheel help get your car looking its best again!

The Alloy Wheel Effect

If you carefully study at a car fitted with alloy wheels with neatly spaced spikes, you will notice something spectacular. When the car begins to move, the spikes form a blur of motion which gives the impression that the spikes are turning in the opposite direction to the tyres. As the car decelerates, the alloy spikes slowly change their motion to conform to the spin of the tyres. It is a unique spectacle that gives your car a special dimension in tyre and wheel motion. It is a special quality of alloy wheels and one that we, at Spray Painting Sydney are keen to maintain.

Repairing your Alloy Wheels

Most cars these days sport magnificent looking alloy wheels that add a classic touch to the wheels of your cars. However, being placed very low and in close proximity and contact with the ground, it will suffer colossal damage from flying debris and will also add grit and dirt to the alloy work of your wheel. In time, the collected grime and grit can become acidic and attack your alloy wheel frame and destroy its initial clean and robust look. At Spray Painting Sydney we are experts who are fully equipped to deal with your kind of problem.

Expensive but appealing

Admittedly the cost of buying alloy wheels for your car can be very expensive, but the truth of the matter is they add considerable appeal and décor to your car. It’s like having posh furniture added to your living room, it looks that good. Spoiled or damaged alloy wheels are easy to spot because they immediately lose their shine and robust appearance. They can become damaged and dull from their low position where they are subjected to incessant sprays and collection of grit and grime. At Spray Painting Sydney we can rejuvenate your alloy wheels quickly and at a very affordable price. Need cheap tyres to go with your brand new rims?

We are the alloy specialists

We are undoubtedly the best alloy specialists in and around Sydney way. Our expert employees for repair work, specialize entirely in carrying out repair work of every kind. Irrespective of the make or model of your alloy wheels, we can successfully renovate and rejuvenate them to a level where they look just as good as when you first bought them.  We can bring them back to their original shine and robust status so they look the same as when they rolled off the assembly line. You have to see what we can do yourself to believe us and even that is very easy to do if you do exactly what we ask you to do next.